573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 62

Recently I got a call from my friend Linda McHenry, the owner of the DragonFly-In.  She told me of an outdoor DIY wedding that was happening there, so we went out to cover the event.  The DragonFly-In is uniquely set up to hold weddings.  It’s the perfect location for a lakeside wedding, retreat, or just a weekend away in a cabin.   Just a stone’s throw from Taum Sauk Mountain, Missouri’s tallest peak in the beautiful hills of the Arcadia Valley, The DragonFly-In is just 90 miles from Saint Louis and 45 miles from Cape Girardeau.  A peaceful, private gated resort with 176 gorgeous acres,  hiking trails, fire pits, fishing lakes, two cabins, two lodge rentals, and two luxury wedding suites.  But the best part of the DragonFly-In is Linda McHenry (Owner/Innkeeper). Linda chose the name dragonfly~In because the dragonfly is the symbol of lovers and new beginnings. ^H]HHYH\Y]HوYۙY\[\[YH܈Y\Y]ˈ0]\H\XXB܈]\Hݙ\\ ]]\\^\[]܂[\X\ و[[˂[H\H[\و[]\YXX\0[B\]Y[[Y[\HܘY\܈[HYX\[B\\[H[\YXH\XZ\Y˜X]]Y[[[[Y[[ܚY\H[BX\\\[X[YYH[[ٙXH[H[ݚ[\YXH[^H[ NMK0H\HYܙYH[[[Y[\BYX][ۈ][\Z[܋0HYH\Y]HوYB^\Y[\\Y\\][^Hۈ[[[[[\Hٙ\[ۋ][\^ܙH[ܛ‹HYH]X]\ˈ0[H\[[HY[܈HYK[Hݙ\ZKZKZ\\H] ^XZ]]]\[ۚ[[ܛX[HZ[