573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 57

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and New Year’s resolutions are beginning to swell my brain like yesterday’s swollen belly. I’m sure if you are anything like me, this time of year you are bombarded with emails, conversations, and thoughts about new years resolutions. Normally I try to avoid the whole topic, but this year I have decided I will make a strong effort to write my goals down and give it my best shot. So here’s my New Year’s resolution: I have resolved only goals for which I have a strong reason for actually achieving. I’m forgetting what everyone else’s goals are this year. I’m forgetting what everyone else says you should be able to accomplish. I’m going to focus only on the “WHY.” I’m going to figure out the reason for the goal first, then keep that “why” in clear view by focusing on how I’ll feel when I achieve the goal. I’m going to concentrate on the positives of the “why,” not the negatives of the “process.” With all the new technologies out there, you can achieve more than you ever before thought possible, but there still may be things that just aren’t within reach for you right now. Be realistic. Set tangible, attainable goals so you can get satisfaction from achieving more and more of your objectives. 57