573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 50

I collected my faithful assistant, instructed her to bring something personal to her for the photo and off we went to find a period photographer.  Bruce Schultz is the man behind the camera. His camera is a 1850s model, and the lens is actually from that era. It’s B[YHY][\\Hܘ\\\Y܂XZ[[\\\[HXX[][\Y\X\\][YH\[ N LK[]X[YHH[\[[^[]HY]قXZ[X\\ˈ[H\]Y[H]\˜H] Y\[YZ\[XY\XYH]^H[[[HYK[H[\\ݙYHH\XYY][K] \]Hܘ\H\\Y[[H]\˜X[YH]Z[XH[H N ˰H]]H\]Y]H[][\X[B[Y[ۋY\[[ZX[X\˜ZY\[[Y\\HZ^Y[H[ۋH]H\\Y[H]و[\]]H܈ ›Z[]\XZ[H[ۈ\XHY \[]]KY\H]H\[[ݙYHH[\] ]\œXY][H[H\Hܘ\]\HZ[[HH]H[XZ[] XYX[\H\ۛHH MHZ[]H[و[YHXZHB[XYK[][]ۈ]K]]Hܘ\H\\\ \[[^KB[YKXۜ[Z[\]\]Z\\X[YY][]\[\]]K[HX\\H\]ZY[Y[ۋ]Z\X]H[[\œ[][H[Hܘ\