573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 42

Jayson’s was established in 1984 in Cape Girardeau, just a block from the Mississippi River. They are locally owned and operated and bring their own style to the jewelry business. They offer a variety of products from designer engagement rings, to pearls and custom jewelry. They present unique, one-of-a-kind pieces by taking trips to the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp, Belgium. There, they to hand-select their diamond inventory. Staying current on trends and product is very important to Jayon’s - a task they all find exhilarating. It’s this passion and service that their clients have grown to appreciate. They have an on-site jeweler and metalsmith with over 40 years of experience working with all types of metals to make repairs and create custom design products. They also have a GIA- Graduate Gemologist on staff who helps you understand diamond qualities, identify gemstone varieties and appraise your precious items. All that aside, it’s the people who greet you at their stores that impressed us. We are honored to have J ^\ۈ][\\Hۜ܈وH M“XY^[K^H\H\[و[K[ \[و[H]وX[[ۙٙ\H\XX]HZ\[]\Y]ܚX[ [ܘHٙ\HYH[Hو\\[[\][Y[܈[\ܚ\ [ܘx&\˜X[ۈوX[][[\\H[ B[\YHH\][H\Y]HوX]]Y[ \[X]\X[H[\H ›X]\[XX[[\Y][[ۘ[]Z[ˈHZ\XۚX\[[[X\ \\Y\\[\ X[ B\\8$X[]\Yۜ[Hܛ[ۙH܈XY]\ܙX]HX]]Y[و\[[K^\ۈ][\Z\YB[Z[ۙHوH]\XH[ܘHX[\˂H\[Z[ [[YBX\[[]XY[[HXXH\[[X^[ٙ\[HH\Yۜˈ]8&\\\ۋB[][ۘ[Y[X\܈\K][[˜[H[YK[HX\H[ܘYY^\HYX\[\Y]X[H[XYX˜[X\ۘXHXY\[ \