573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 38

My name is Kristen White. ...if a bride feels confident in the dress, she chooses she will most likely have a better experience on her wedding day. I am the owner of White Weddings. White Weddings opened in February 2016 but has been in the works for several years.  I started working at a bridal store in Springfield during college in 2007.  After graduating and moving back home to Ironton, I began missing working with brides and their wedding parties.  There’s something very satisfying about knowing you’ve helped someone find the dress they will wear on one of the most important days of their lives.  I slowly began putting the pieces together for what my store would look like.  I started with a few designers I loved, possible locations, and a sales strategy.  Over the next few years, I worked in retail, banking, and for a wholesale distributor, but didn’t find much growth in any of these areas.  So I decided it was time to take a risk and open the store I had in the back of my mind for several years now.  It was vital for me to be in old downtown Farmington.  Being able to shop for a one of a kind item requires a one of a kind place, like our brick building dating back to the 1860’s.  I like to think I’ve created a beautiful space where people will feel at ease and will also be able to imagine themselves on their wedding day.  The boutique is filled with dresses that range from simple, traditional, and affordable, to extravagant and unique.  I want brides to come in and have the selection they’re looking for with a focus on quality and customer service.   A dress can be non-traditional for several reasons.  Whether it’s a color, unique details such as a bohemian inspired lace pattern, or silhouette, many brides are opting for non- traditional styles. Current dress trends include clean lines and sleek fabrics such as crepe and mikado.  High necklines, off the shoulder styles,  and detailed backs are also very popular.  Lace has been trending for several years and remains the most popular choice for our brides. A bride should look for the dress in which she feels the best.  That may mean something different to each bride, but feeling your best on your wedding day is essential.  To some brides that may mean wearing a neckline that flatters her face, and to others it may mean showing off her curves.  Either way, if a bride feels confident in the dress she chooses she will most likely have a better experience on her wedding day.  I recommend staying open-minded to trying on styles she may not have initially thought she would like and not putting too much emphasis on the opinions of others.  Ultimately it’s the bride’s decision, and she is the one who needs to feel beautiful in the dress.