573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 24

My name is Weston Edwards.  I just turned 9, and my dad is Tim, and my mom is Lisa.  My older sisters are Elise and Emery.  I live in Cape Girardeau and go to St. Paul Lutheran School and Church in Jackson.  My 3rd-grade teachers are Mr. Perr and Mrs. Spieler.  I love sports!  I swim for the Cape County Castaways, play baseball, basketball, flag football, and golf.  Some of my favorite things to do are play with my dogs and hamster, play ball in the yard with my dad, watch cartoons, and play Mario Kart.  My best friend is Wade Fullhart.   I liked the ships a lot because it was very different than I thought it would be.  The ships were SO cool but were smaller than I thought they would be.  All those men had a lot of courage to travel across the ocean on those little boats!  I felt like I was sailing on the real Nina and Pinta.  It also was interesting to see all those complicated knots and all that wood! I know that Columbus and his ships left Spain looking for trade routes in 1492.  The Nina was the fastest ship, and the Santa Maria was the largest and slowest ship.  The ships had many men on each of them.  It must have been very stinky on those boats because I didn’t see any place to take a shower!  The United States celebrates Columbus Day every October because he found the “New World.”  I want to be a professional golfer so I can drive a Lamborghini.