573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 20

Anyway, when I heard that the Nina and Pinta were coming to Cape, I had to do a little exploring for myself.  I mean, amongst all the political correctness, how could the world allow these two vessels to remain afloat? Okay, I admit I am not a political person. I’m just stuck in the middle, trying to figure things out like most of you.  I’ll disregard the political climate of the day and stay true to our promise to our readers.  If it’s in the 573 and it’s interesting, we’re going aboard with a blind eye and an open mind.   When I first boarded the ship, I asked the ticket taker if she had been hit with any negativity about the recent Christopher Columbus fuss.  Man, did she let me have it.  She sternly informed me that these ships were not about Columbus; they were merely floating museums designed to show what 15th century maritime shipping was like.  According to their brochure, the original Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria were used by Christopher Columbus Ѽ)ɽ́ѡѱѥЁѡMф5ɥ݅́ЁЁ͕ѡɕɸɥ Q́͡д)ɕ܁̸ Q͔ɕɕѥ́ݕɔեЁ䁕ȁѽɥ)AɥM͙)ฃ )MЁѡ9Aфɕ́ ɥѽȁ յϊdݼ́͡ݡ)͍ٕɕѡɥ̸ ]٥ѕչɕ́ѼЁѡ)х 5Ё]ѽ]ɥ̰ɕ̰́ݥѡЁ)̀ݽɑ́и͵՝