573 Magazine Nov 2017 - Page 17

My name is Quinn Strong. I always knew I wanted to be in real estate, and Cape presented the perfect opportunity to the college housing market. My first experience with building and construction was in college, and for the last 10 years I have been buying and remodeling houses in the Cape Girardeau area. Remodeling houses can have its own unique set of challenges. More times than not, the budget affects creativity. Today, my experiences help me to work creatively on a budget, and it helps my clients as well with more bang for their buck. I work with the most incredibly talented subcontractors in the region. We take on any sized project from single resident homes to commercial spaces to apartment complexes. The next two years are going to be exciting. Over the past 100 years, building materials have changed very little, and the building process has changed even less. To separate ourselves from the rest of the landlords and introduce new choices and possibilities into the real estate market, we have decided to build our units out of shipping containers. Together with the engineers, drafters, and architects, we have several floor plans that are ready to be made. The initial design and development of these builds have been incredibly expensive. It takes super detailed engineering. But soon, we will have new tenant housing to offer, from moderate to luxury amenities along with commercial space. Very exciting! 17