573 Magazine Nov 2016 - Page 87

This is where the “big” tree is located, the one we get at a tree farm.  There are presents stacked high all around it.  We take about thirty minutes sorting all of the gifts and making sure everyone has space for their pile.  Then, we go around the circle, each opening one present at a time.  This can take up to four hours.  Because my mother likes to be fair, we (the sisters) often get the same presents, in different colors.  It has become a game between my sisters and I to find the same gift and open it on the same turn around the circle.  There is always a huge mess left afterwards.  Everyone hauls their goodies off to their room or car, then prepares for the big Christmas dinner.  My dad, who is Filipino, usually makes something a little more ethnic for this holiday.  For example, one year that sticks out most in my mind is when we each had our own individual Cornish Hens.  This was so special to me, because I finally got my own drumsticks.  Finally, we all get together around the TV and watch whatever the newest movie is that Mom got for the family. Best part of having sisters: Being the youngest, I love having my sisters around to help take care of me.  I always have someone to call at the slightest trouble, whether it’s being broken down on the side of the road, or have my heart broken by the latest guy I’m seeing.  Someone is there with a cup of coffee, an ear to listen, and usually some kind of food I take back to my house.  Susan Linda Delacruz, 27 years old. She is currently a paraprofessional at South Elementary in Jackson.  She also moonlights as an assistant at Great Oaks Counseling, as well as Public Partnerships.   The best part about being sisters is sharing the load of our giant family.  We have hard times and we have good times. Having our family there makes all the difference between the two.  Violet Owen, 30 years old.  She has been a registered nurse at St. Francis for seven years.  She has also been married for seven years.  She has two fur children, crazy cats by the names of Olive and Calvin.  What I love about having sisters is with one look they know exactly what you are thinking.  They always have your back and will speak their mind, even when you don’t want to hear it.  But it all stems from a place of love.  No one can make me laugh harder than my sisters.  Even when they bring up embarrassing stories about me at every family gathering.