573 Magazine Nov 2016 - Page 83

My name is Belle Delacruz.  I am a new teacher at Central High school; 24 years old, soon to be 25 in December. My parents are Dan and Sherry Delacruz.  They have been married for 44 crazy, hectic, and if anything interesting years.  “Why so interesting?” you ask, well they have eleven children.  Nine girls and two boys, the oldest is exactly twenty years older than the youngest.  Our family has spread out over the years.  We have pockets of siblings in Texas, Ohio, South Carolina and St. Louis.  Here, in Cape Girardeau we have myself (Belle 24, youngest), Suzie (27), Violet (30), Tony (42) and Terry (36) , along with my parents who reside near Altenburg. Our family has special traditions for every holiday of the year.  As we’ve gotten older, several of them have fallen to the wayside. One that we youngest sisters cling dear to is going “Christmas Tree Chopping” every year.  To get our tree we go the Meier Horse Shoe Tree Farm.  We love this place because of the horse drawn wagons, the helpful workers who take your chosen tree back for you, shake it up and wrap it, and sometimes even tie it to your vehicle for you.  There is the most adorable little gift shop, with all these quaint and unique Christmas ornaments and gifts.  They even have homemade treats for your special pup.  Now, top all this off with piping hot apple cider or cocoa.  This is the perfect place to get your perfect Christmas tree.