573 Magazine Nov 2016 - Page 77

Christmas is so special to me because I have the opportunity to spend it with my family. My mother passed away when I was very young and I have no memories of Christmas with her. As a mother, I definitely do not take this for granted. Christmas is Justin’s favorite holiday for sure. It takes a lot of bargaining with him just to get him to hold off on putting up the tree and decorations until after Thanksgiving. Just like every child, he is so excited to decorate the tree and the house because he knows that soon, there will be presents under the tree! It has also been a tradition that Justin gets to put the star on top of the tree. I love watching my fiancé pick him up to assist Justin getting to the top of the tree so he can place the star where it belongs and then he will mess with it for a minute till he gets it just perfect. Justin’s favorite things about Christmas are of course the presents and the candy in his stocking! He loves unwrapping gifts and he also likes to offer his assistance to help others un-wrap their gifts. He enjoys getting on his iPad and look up various Christmas movies that he will watch over and over again. One of Justin’s favorite things is the Christmas lights. There is not a minute while we are home when our tree lights are not on because Justin will plug them in the minute his feet touch the floor in the morning.