573 Magazine Nov 2016 - Page 111

573: What would you like your future to be like? I really want to stay active in theater and dance while in jr. high and high school and hopefully focus on doing more acting if I can.  Since playing Cassie in Interview A Monster, it has made me realize that, even though both are hard, film acting and stage acting are very different from each other.   I want to get more of these experiences like being in local plays, commercials, or another movie someday.  Even though it can be a tough field,  I still hope to major in musical theater when I go to college.  My mom always says, “Well, someone’s gotta do it, so why not you?” and “You don’t know unless you try.”  Obviously, I would really love to make it to Broadway or act in more movies, but for right now I’m focusing on the present and having fun.  I will be rehearsing almost daily in November for A Christmas Carol at the St. Louis Repertory Theatre.  It opens after Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas Eve.  It’s the Rep’s 50th anniversary so it should be a cool show.  I can’t wait to get up there!  573: How did you like working with the ducks?  Ha ha. I think the ducks really respected and loved me......because I had the bread. :)