56'N October 2018 - Page 89

Away from the serious side of the motorcycle business we fired some random questions to Josh to grab a wee insight into his personality.

If your house was burning itself to the ground, what material possession would you run back in and retrieve?

'It would be a shame to lose the family photos but the house can Burn down as long as it doesn't spread and catch the shed alight'.

Away from the race track describe your perfect day?

'With Aimie of course, In Australia, an adventurous style day trail riding bikes, (or out on the road) then when it’s too hot in the afternoon for bikes go to the river with Jet skis to cool off. Then return to a great big garage with all the space to house these toys and all the tools to spend the late hours of the night tuning and maintaining'.

If you could meet one person living or dead for a dinner: who would it be and why?

'Bold Jack 'Duggan' Donahue (the wild colonial boy) Born in Castlemaine, Ireland transported as a convict to Australia in 1825, escaped custody and became a bush ranger. He would steal from the rich to feed the poor. He was shot dead by police in Bringelly in 1930, which happens to be my home town'.

Is your glass half empty or half full?

'Depends what’s in the glass'.

If you were not racing, what do you think you would be doing for a buzz?


What is your most embarrassing moment, and to juxtapose this, what is your proudest most triumphant moment?

'Looping out doing a wheelie after the flag. Doing a wild card ride in a World Championship race and becoming the only rider ever to win on their first attempt'.

What is on in your iPod, mp3, CD player or even your stereo at the moment?

'Nothing, I had an extensive variety of music on my lap top a few years ago and a security person in the airport dropped it. The hard drive was damaged and I lost everything, I was so disheartened I've not even bothered to try and build up a collection again. I mostly just stream Triple J radio station from Oz'.

And finally, describe yourself in four words!

'Impatient, analytic, logical and passionate'.