56'N October 2018 - Page 87

When you were growing up in Australia, was motorcycle road racing around in your early years. Did you have much of an interest in the sport, and if so did you have any racing heroes or folks you looked up to?

'I raced Motocross from 1988 to 1998, the last few years I was injured more of the time than racing. In 2000 I turned 16 so was old enough to go to Australian road race championship. I can’t remember exactly when I had aspirations of going to Tarmac but what I can remember is when I was about six and my Dad talking to Gary McCoy at our local bike shop, I was staring at his RGV 250 wondering what it was. To me it was very strange, first time I had seen a bike with the fairings off. We went to Eastern Creek that weekend to watch him race, that was a significant part of it'.

A bit of a BSB question here, what do think of the level of riding here in the UK at present, and how does it stack up with having raced at world level previously, and what do you think would improve the series more?

'I think the level is good, but I think that is the case in most series. I have never raced a series ever and thought that winning was easy. There are so many talented riders across the world but we are all fighting for the same positions, and that is getting a paid spot on a top performing bike. What BSB has that is better than any other series is the rule set. Even a private team can build a competitive bike so this means you get every rider on the grid able to show their skill set'.