56º North April 2018 - Page 76

John is well known around the racing scene and has a reputation for mucking in and helping everyone out. We spoke to other riders and this is what they said about him.

Colvin Denholm

“This pretty much sums John up. He had been in touch beginning of last season about going racing again and on a CB. I said if he could spare a day I was racing at Knockhill that weekend and was on my own and if he wanted to give me a hand and see what the CB class was like. John jumped at the chance and actually cycled to Knockhill on the Saturday to help out! His inspiration spurred me on so much so I got on podium with a third place! I thank John very much for that.”

Scott Young:

“John is a wicked guy all round. After an off last season he gave me a good talking to and made sure I was alright. He’s always there for advice or to lend a hand! Super fast and smooth and a pleasure to race with.”