56º North April 2018 - Page 69

April comes with two more rounds.

Italy probably poses the biggest problems as its a very tight and loose hard pack track which requires a great start, good speed and zero mistakes.

I've not had the best of results there before but this doesn't mean that we can't turn it around.

I've made sure that we've been preparing hard for these weaker GP's and I'm ready to attack it full on.

There will always be races that you like more than others but its the same for everyone. Most people don't like coming to Lommel and the deep sand but I love it!

The best thing to do is just give it your all each week and see how you go.

Portugal on the other hard will be one that I'm looking forward to. I've not been there in a few years and missed it last year due to the injuries but the ground is more sandy and loose so cuts up really nice making for some technical racing lines and keeps the speed lower which I like.

I love the sand rounds at Lommel and Assen just because it gets super rough and technical.

Mostly other riders don't like this so i like to play on that and use that to my advantage. Hard work works in this case.

Sometimes you just have to grind it out. The British GP has to be my favourite because of the atmosphere and home crowd cheering for you each lap.

You can't believe the motivation and effect of a home crowd cheering you on.

I know a lot of fans and riders back in Scotland watch our progress every round in MXGP and there are some really good Scottish riders that have the potential to go far in the sport.

There's no real secret to success. Especially the way I know how, it was more of a grind to the top rather than it just arriving for me. I'd say its more about hard work, never giving up and making sure you believe in yourself.

Much of the same can be applied to anything you want to do in life.