56º North April 2018 - Page 68

The level in MXGP right now is incredible. It's hard to believe that there is so much talent and GP winners riding in the same race week in week out, but also everyone is so consistent so when you have a bad race it's easy to get left behind and if you don't hang on you'll loose the tow.

Its easy to see at the moment that the 222 (Cairoli) and 84 (Herlings) are a level above the rest but after that its any ones game. I feel like I have the speed, fitness and skills to be regularly in the second group of riders with the other Yamaha boys, Desalle and Paulin.

This is where i wanted to be and to be honest it'll be any ones game each week and who knows if we keep battling hard we could make up some ground on the KTM's mid-season and it could be a seven way battle for the win!

That would be nice and definitely what the crowd want to see.