56º North April 2018 - Page 67

Over the winter the first thing we did was go on holiday to New Zealand just to clear my mind and get comfortable again letting my injuries really heal. We had such a great experience there it really refueled me for the start of preparations ahead of the 2018 season.

We started with basic training on November 1st and worked on that for 4 weeks before starting riding on December 1st much earlier than usual. I felt like I needed this to get back in the flow right away and find the love for riding my bike again. Building it back from the basics was key and each week I could really see the process was working making huge gains.

We set off to Sardinia in the middle of January for a 5 week training and riding camp with the team. This proved to be crucial for our build-up and was a really good base, good tracks and great weather. The pre-season races went well and we felt that we'd really left no stone unturned ahead of the first GP's.

Its been quite up and down in the 2018 season so far.

I really feel like all the parts of the puzzle are there but we haven't had one GP where everything has went our way.

The first round went reasonably well and had two consistent results. In Valkenswaard I had great speed in moto two but in the first race we had some issues and didn't score.

It was much the same in Spain with technical problems in the first moto and mistakes from me in the second that left us with only 7 points from that one. Very disappointing.

I think I just need to let it come to me. As said, all the parts are there we just need to let it flow and it'll all come together.