56º North April 2018 - Page 66

Catch up with Shaun Simpson

Last season was probably one of the toughest seasons I've had to date. It started well with the new team and we had a solid winter in Spain and Sardinia.

Within the fist two races we already had a GP win in Indonesia which was unbelievable achievement not only for me but the team too. We really felt deep down that we weren't really at the top of our game but we would take the win and try to improve week on week to reach the podium again and again. It wasn't to happen like that at all.

I really struggled to find pace over the next few races and went from set-up to set-up really getting lost in the process when I got injured in Latvia. It was a tough blow to take but I was determined to stay strong, fit and come back as soon as possible.

Six weeks later we were back on the start line and ready to get back in to it but I crashed at the start of the qualifying heat in Ottobiano and broke my wrist.

That was a moment that really set me back. It was hard enough to come back from one injury but two in one season really took it out of me.

From there we tried all we could to come back again but it wasn't to be a success story at all, riding the remainder of the season well below par made me question my motivation for the game.