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On the flip side, our buyers are often in their late 40s to mid-50s, who purchase these classics in remembrance of their childhood days. How many times we’ve heard, “my father had one of these when I was a kid”. Many times, my father will tell me who is most likely to purchase a specific car. right down to being a male or female, and their background. It’s uncanny. Over the past few years our business has evolved from acquisition and sales to custom builds. At first, this was most often the result of a customer purchasing one of our vehicles and wanting items added, such as power steering, air conditioning, or other upgrades for comfort. We’ve found that many of our customers appreciate the “classics” but want more in the way of a driving experience. This lead to total custom builds. The car gets stripped to a bare shell and built from the ground up with modern suspension, engine and transmission. Computer controlled fuel injected engines with massive power, six speed transmissions, adjustable coil over shocks, and anything else you desire. We recently had one of these builds on exhibit in Las Vegas at the SEMA show, (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association), which is the mecca for cutting edge hot rods and their builders. Our 1970 Dodge Challenger exhibited there was chosen for Hot Rod Magazine’s Top 10 Mopars. We purchased our first locati )ձ䁽쁅(ՅɔЁ݅ɕ͔Qɽ丁ѕȁѡ́)ɕمѥ̰ݡՑѥѡ̰ɥ)́́ɽյɥѥ)ѕ̰ьݔȁ͡չ)]݅́ѕѼѡݽɬ)͔ЁݽɬݽձɵЁѼ)ݔܸ%Ёե䁉ɕЁѡЁѡ)݅ͻeЁѼݽɬȁ̸9Ѽɽѥ)ɅѡѡՅ䁽ݽɬݔɍ͕)ȁݸЁ͡Qݼ啅́ݔɍ͕)͡љѕЁȁȁ̸]ɔ)ݸȁȁՅЀݽɬ)ѕ䁽ȁፕЁх)%ӊé፥ѥѼ͡ɔ䁱ٔȁ́ݥѠ䁙ѡ)ٕȁѡ啅́ݗeٔݽɭѽѡȸQ)ͥ́ѡЁɅ͙ɵ́ȁѽ́Ѽѥ)ѡȁѡЁɕɕ͕ѕѥ́ɥ٥)ͥ)%ӊé9Mɕи)!ɥ1) !)Ѽ役)!ɥمՅѥ̀!ɥ)MхєѡЁեах!ɥ̃L5 Ʌ)M展̰ ѕɥ́M̰IȁM٥A՝̰)ͥѥٔ1ѕ٥̰5ͥϊd%ȁ5ѽ̸)م)Ց)M٥)M٥ѡ!ɥ%ɕȁ5ɔѡe̸)YA鄃܁1ݕȁ!Ցͽٔɕ%ͱ9d(ऀȃمՑM٥̹($)]ѕȀA1٥ե