55+ Living Guide Winter 2018 Winter 2018 55+ issue for Joomag - Page 30

The Art of Roasting By Rod Michael With grilling season, a distant past, it's time to think about some roasting adventures. We all enjoy the aromas that fill a kitchen as the oven roasts one of your favorite dishes. As a child, it always seemed that, the Sunday dinner was the one meal that we all looked forward to. It could have been a plump roasted chicken, my mom’s favorite rack of lamb or that Thanksgiving Turkey we all coveted. The comfort that a lip- smacking meal brings is unequaled. So, let’s take a journey through roasting history. Roasting began in prehistoric times, when man first stuck a piece of meat on a stick and held it over the fire. Spit roasting fowl and game was common place in ancient soci- eties. In the Middle Ages, hunting was a prime occupation of the noble classes and the game was usually roasted on a spit. Suckling pigs were prime candidates for the spit. Beef, believe it or not, was not. It was considered vulgar, because cattle didn’t have to be hunted. It wasn’t until the 17th century that roast beef became widely accepted in Europe. Roasting was, the most prestigious way to cook meat. Roasting so inspired people that the oldest gastronomic society was founded in Paris in 1248 by masters in the art of roasting geese. The society was known as the Con- frerie de la Chaines des Rotisseurs, (The Brotherhood of the Chain of th H\\KHؚXوHZ[\œ\]X]HH]X[]H[\Y][HX[XBو[Z\V [و[KH[ݙY\YBYX]܈H[YHX\ۈ[H\^K\BH\YYX]\[\[X[\\]^[[X\Y\Y\[YX]YH\Y]˂Hݙ[[\HXۚ^H^HY[\[B]H N[\H[[[[[Y\XK[[[]H[[[ۈوH[[ݙH[H][\X[ܙY]܈YݙH[ˈY[\ܛ[œ\H[[X][[[\]Z\YHقY[ H]ݙH\XۛZ^HY[[YKBXZ\YX\H]^Hˈ\وB^HXܚYYݙ\HوH[X\ ^HZY]\HYۈو[ܘ[X^H[HX][Z[H[]HBH]\\ܚX[ܛH\^Hܚ]\8'[B[XXK]X[\[\\H\و[\[\[Hݙ[܈[]ۈH[\\[\Y][H[\[X\وZYYX]x'