55+ Living Guide Winter 2018 Winter 2018 55+ issue for Joomag - Page 27

3. My writing is satisfying and purposeful. I started writing in my late twenties with far more doubt than talent. After writing for over 30 years and suffering the highs and lows of the creative life, I finally claim the right to call myself a writer. While room to grow and develop continues to expand, right here, right now is a really good place to be. 4. I’m healthier now than I was then. In a culture obsessed with youth it is easy to equate good health to age. Wrong. At 30 I smoked cigarettes, never used sunscreen, drank sodas every day, ate masses of red meat, and consumed carbs like there was no tomorrow. Thankfully my body hasn’t held such poor treatment against me (at least too much!) Thanks to a much-improved diet, regular exercise and an active mind, my vitality, stamina and optimism doesn’t even compare. 5. My finances are 1,000 times bet- ter. As entrepreneurs, Thom and I have been self-employed our entire married lives. At 30 we lived hand-to-mouth and while we still managed some fun and adventures, the stress of constant- ly wondering where money to pay bills would come from was stressful and problematic. Now completely debt-free at 60, we have honed our crafts and our consciousness enough so that money is not an issue in our lives. 6. I love where I live and don’t crave living somewhere else. Thom and I met, married and lived in Colorado for much of our life before 30. Even though it is a beautiful state with many benefits, it wasn’t where we longed to be. We’ve also lived in a big city and that didn’t suit us either. After living in several states and nearly two dozen homes, we’ve finally arrived at a place and communi- ty that fits us. While we still love to travel and explore new locations, we’ve finally found our “place.” 7. I don’t crave things that I don’t own. At 30 I was still hypnotized by our cultural belief that more money and stuff would make me happy. I wanted a bigger house, a nicer car, and all sorts of stuff that others had. Now 30 years later I realize that all that stuff does NOT lead to happiness and that meaning, peace of mind and