55+ Living Guide Winter 2018 Winter 2018 55+ issue for Joomag - Page 26

10 AWESOME THINGS I KNOW AT 60 THAT I NEVER KNEW AT 30 BY KATHY GOTTBERG | SMARTLIVING365.COM I couple of years ago I turned 60. And while the number sounds much older than I feel, I am also extremely aware of how great my life is at the same time. In fact, thinking back I am hyperaware of how much my life has improved during the last 30 years. But how can that be? In a culture obsessed with youth, is it possible that we’ve all been misled about what happens as we age? Or maybe those of us who have lived to midlife and beyond stay too silent about the benefits? Either way, now is a good time to let those who follow know that not only can we get better as we age, but life itself can be more sweet, meaningful and SMART as it goes along. Here are the top ten ways my life has improved since turning 60: 1. My relationship and friendship with my husband is 100 times better. At 30, Thom and I had been married for eight years. Even though I loved him and our relationship was reason- ably good, I had no idea at the time that our connection could grow as wide and deep as it is today. Words fall short of explaining this, but I am aware that who I am and what I have become all link back to my love and friendship with the man I met and married 40 years ago. 26 2. I am content with being me. Maybe some people know who they are at 30 but I sure didn’t. Looking back I doubt I even knew what I didn’t know. Sure we all have attachments, opinions and perspectives but are they ours, or just products of our education, influences and upbring- ing? After 60 years of living I’ve embraced and discarded enough to know what is really me and what isn’t. And while I’ll never stop growing and learning, the me that I’ve found is at peace.