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There are quite a few cities given the colonial designation but I will concen- trate on a few, including Merida, Puebla, Morelia, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, and Cuernavaca. The region is best explored by auto- mobile but there are many excellent U.S. and Mexican motor coach tour operators along with air service. Another way to explore is to travel on the Mexican National Railway. The city of Puebla is particularly famous for exquisite ceramics. Tala- vera Tiles adorn edifices and interiors throughout the city. It is equally famous for its cuisine as some of Mexico’s most popular national dishes including mole and chile poblano. San Miguel de Allende, once a quiet and quaint cobblestoned town that developed a following among artists in the 1950’s has exploded in population with foreign expatriates who have chosen to live part or full-time in Mexico. The overall feel is still colonial and bohemian but the town is alive with activity and growth which makes it an exciting place to visit. Although this city can be enjoyed for a day visit, one really needs to stay for a few days to grasp the essence of what the colonial city has to offer. Overall, San Miguel de Allende is a magical and lovely city to visit. Cuernavaca is today one of Mexico’s best-known colonial cities with a history that dates back to at least 1200 A.D. It was conquered by the Aztecs around 1350 and subsequently by the Spanish. This city became a popular get-a-way destination for wealthy Spaniards living in Mexico City and that trend has continued today with many people from the capital heading to Cuernavaca for a break. (continued) MAKE A SECRET Secrets Resorts & Spas offer adults an extra measu &R`&6RB6V7VƗGWV6FRWW'&V6g&B6WGFw2$T4TdRUDCC$U4%B4U2bDDTBdTU2cvV6R&GFRb7&ƖrvRbg&W6g'V@֖6'&Vf7B&VB&F2GW&Fv6W'f6P&rvFsr( 22#G&fVvFsr( 2"#"RG&&@V7Bw&VV'W6#cSCsrCsFW'2W&FVB'G&fV&W762FBFFVBfVW2&RfƖBW"&W"7FFW&26FF2B&W7G&7F2ǒ6f"FWF2f&F267W&FRBFRb&FrB27V&V7BF6vW2W6WF266VF6&vW0B&W7G&7F2B&W76&Rf"W'&'2"֗762FR&FrbF2BfƖBf"Wr&w2ǒ55B2##b#t3sSv6wFT$3c"C#R#3cbud#p