55+ Living Guide Spring/Summer 2017 55++LG+Spring+17+Spreads - Page 27

By now you’ve awoken from a ing around plants. For the 55 long winters sleep, beckoned plus gang, it allows each of us to by the longer hours of daylight become creative in our back- in the sky, the songs of birds yard landscaping with attractive filling your ears and the smell of containers to grow gorgeous a spring rain. Many of us have plants or flowers without too been bombarded with bulb and much pain. Container gardening seed catalogs and some of us is raising plants, vegetables edible have begun the planning process herbs or flowers on the ground, for this year’s gardening efforts. above the ground, on balconies Others will wait until the last or rooftops in compact con- minute and rush to the local tainers and pots. This is a very plant store. That you are garden- flexible and convenient way of ing is what counts. allowing you to move As for me, gardening is a deep- pots and planters to change ening of roots and a branching your environment. A small out. It’s a case of trying, experi- container garden design is Get creative & bring your inner menting and toiling. It’s a personal artist to your garden! a nice idea for physically chal- refusal not to give up, because you know the beauty in a lenged people who want to continue to grow all those perfectly formed flower or an herb and vegetable that has plants, flowers and vegetables with less of the physical been hand nurtured to a point of organic richness. rigor. It allows you to transform an indoor or outdoor Gardening is another chance at re-birth, trying to do it living space and bring more joy to your life. If possible, a little better than we did before, a “Do Over”. To quote in transforming a space try to recycle an old wine barrel, Lindley Karstesns, “Gardening is about enjoying the wooden box or an older flower pot or vase. Bring out smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without your inner artist! feeling guilty and generally taking some time to soak up a little peace and serenity”. I realize all too well, that some folks may not have the benefit of a large piece of land, or for that matter any of their own space. Thinking small is thinking smart. Recycled container gardening is a fun inexpensive way to re-use and upcycle containers you would otherwise com- mit to the recycling bin. This is a great way to get kids interested in gardening and grandparents to shine. Do a Google search for recycled container gardening, I’m sure you’ll find a suitable container you have on hand. Your window sill, fire escape or roof top awaits you. For those would-be gardeners that live in an apart- ment, condo or home not hospitable to growing plants, fruits and vegetabl W2F6VGv&FV2FP6FF7G&7BF&VvWB&&V76VW"66RЦV7FGB6WFW&6&Fv6VFW26F&G0W2fW"G2f&R&RFS6ЦVGv&FV2FW7W'Bv&FVW'2WfW'7FW`FRv'&fFr6VVG2vFW"BFV2b676W0v&FVrB7VƖ'f"F6RvvBF@f'v&BF&WBFFbBWVVB66"W7B&VrfVFVW"F22w&VBvFRWpg&VG2Bw&rW"vWG&VB&6fBࠒv&FVr'GVFW2vBW2fFrvBfG0W"7V6f26GVF2W"F66FW"v&FVp2G'VǒFW6vVBFfBV6VrfW"B7&vР#