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Traveling east on Interstate 90 from the Capital Region seamlessly brings one on to the Mass Pike and into the area of Massachusetts known as “The Berkshires”. The beautiful old mountains and picturesque valleys hold myriad charming villages along with a super abundance of places of interest for the visitor seeking special experiences not far from home. One of the most attractive things about the Berkshires is their proximity to the Capital Region, making a day trip or weekend visit feasible. This geographic region is world renowned for its offerings of art and culture; health and wellness resorts; museums and even outlet malls and outdoor adventures including zip lines! Crane Museum of Papermaking My leanings are to art, literature, music and Dalton, MA Make Your Own Paper! dance so for this article I will concentrate on exploring these offerings. and its paper produced today is used around the world Beginning in the northern most region of the both for bank and stock certificates and its social stationery Berkshires–hard up against the Vermont border division produces the paper of choice for royalty including sits the Sterling and Francine Clark Art and Research the British royal family and other high echelons of society. Institute–known colloquially as “The Clark”. It’s Fine paper indeed! permanent art collection consists of European and Crane Museum Hours: June–October / Mon–Fri: 1–5 pm American paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings and November–May / Tues–Thurs:1–5 pm other mediums from the 14th C. through the 20th C., GPS: Enter “West Housatonic Street, Dalton, MA” to see signs. and periodically mounting “blockbuster” exhibits. A few years ago The Clark redesigned and expanded its facility and surrounding magnificent landscaped acreage. Following its interests in the relationship between art and Center for the Paper Arts and nature the institution recently announced a campaign to raise funds for a project to help grow the endangered Explore the History of the native honeybee popula F6fFFFR6w&7VGW&V6גFRC7&R6W22W7FV@W&6( 266RFFR7W'&VFr2Bf6BFFR6&2FFW7FWF2WW&V6Rv'FgVFF֗762g&VRV"FR6&2FR766W6WGG2W6WV`6FV&''B746F2W6WV06FVB&W7F&VB2f7F'BfVGW&W2'7G&7B@&W&W6VFF'Gv&2B2FR6VG'( 2&vW7@W&G2f7W26VFW"f"6FV&'f7VBW&f&֖r'G2G&fVƖr6WF'BrFR62&GvvpW&r7F'F&VvFR&W&6&W27VvvW7B6'BFWFW"FFPR27W'&V77&RW6WVbW&~( GG&6rFR7F'`W&rF&VvGv6VGW&W2BFRFW7BW fR7FFW'6W&6FRW6WV26FVBFP&2bFRW6F2&fW"v67WƖVBFRvFW RW"vW"Fv6FR&w2BvW"FR6W'bFR7&P֖2F27WƖVBFR6W2vFR&r6FV@W"7W'&V7BfRW"FB&V6RFRff&FR`C2cBc3&7F&WfWF&W26VFr6fW'6֗FV&WfW&RrW6F27BFF##`vVw&fVB&FW26BFf6RFRv"`f6V&67&VW6WVФFWVFV6RFR6B֖7FW&FRFF7&RW6WVФFW7BW"6琠