50 Years of Umko 1966 - 2016 1966 - 2016 - Page 9

The Umkomaas River Canoe Marathon The story of a river race and the people who made it happen CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER TWO The Saga of the First Race CHAPTER THREE The First 50 Years CHAPTER FOUR CHAPTER FIVE A High River The Summer of 72 CHAPTER SIX On the River Bank CHAPTER SEVEN On CHAPTER EIGHT The CHAPTER NINE The Idea the Water River Mkomazi Keep the Umko Running Free 10 20 24 42 48 54 74 92 98 See the website: www.theumko.com for more: Pictures, Paddlers’ Personal Stories (add your own), Race results, Resources,Videos, Comments COVER PHOTO: No.1 in all its glory. ©Jon Ivins | www.jonivins.com A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE FOR HELPING SPONSOR THIS BOOK: 9 Pete Swanepoel Charles Mason Colin Wilson Allie Peter Duncan Paul Willem Van Riet Colin Simpkins Hugh Bland Chris Watts Rowan Rasmussen Ernie Alder UMKO 50 Years