50 Years of Umko 1966 - 2016 1966 - 2016 - Page 57

C HA P T E R S I X On the Riverbank “We served stew that had been cooked in a 25 litre drum (found on site) and stirred with a pick handle (also found on site). The gravy consisted of river water, thickened by the mud washed off the pick handle, and tasted accordingly.” - “Food Official” Don Johnston, 1969 P The people who REALLY make the race happen. addlers put their boats in the water and make their way downstream - how hard can that be? The REAL work happens months, weeks and days before the paddling starts. In fact, you could say each two day race is 363 days in the making, followed by 2 days of hard work! Organisers will be quick to add they do also do have fun though (so that we don’t audit how many beers they claim as ‘necessary expenditure’ over the year!). Entry Fees How much?! Is a shriek often heard when it comes time to pay. For anything. KCC got good at answering the question and often pre-empted it by showing their budget in the race program. For comparison, here are two things you could have done on a lovely February weekend in 1980: CHEZ KCC Bring your own boat, paddle down a beautiful river, get three hearty meals & soft drinks, sleep one night on the ground under canvas: Prize-giving and food at the famous Lido Hotel in Umkomaas. Adults R10 inclusive! BONUS: No private bathrooms; hell, no private rooms; no carpeting; no radio or TV (PRICES INCL GST) USE OF THE POOL (BATHING SUITS OPTIONAL), A BAR, LONGEST RIVER ON THE SOUTH COAST 113 KMS FROM JOSEPHINE’S 57 UMKO 50 Years