50 Years of Umko 1966 - 2016 1966 - 2016 - Page 33

day ever. Access to an overnight stop being the problem. Day one was Hella Hella to Old Buck or Old Campsite (depending on who you ask; and approximately 90km, depending on who you ask) and Day two was to Mpompomani. The strangest format ever was in 1992: No overnight camp, so no party. No party!? Everyone had to fend for themselves overnight. It effectively turned the marathon into two separate races in one weekend wit h paddlers responsible for all their own transport and accommodation. Day 1 - Hella Hella to Josephine’s (32km); Day 2 - Mpompomani to the sea (42km) Total 74km, a new shortest route to date. Some stayed in Richmond, some at Hella Hella, most went home and then drove themselves to Mpompomani the next morning. The idea was to get away from a formal overnight stop mainly due to rising costs and logistical problems. Okay . . . so thank goodness that remained a one-off in 1992, the only party-less Umko. The 1993 invitation trumpeted a return to the “Old Look” Umkomaas Challenge and the very next line said “FESTIVE OVERNIGHT STOP / T-Shirts / FUN! FUN!”. Order had been restored. Thanks to myriver.co.za 33 UMKO 50 Years