4th quarter newsletter - Page 4

Recent Awards To support Research, Training and/or Program Development For the Period Ending June 30, 2015 Principal Investigator (s) Andrew Farkas Agency State Highway Administration Amount 27,836.00 Project Title Morgan State Summer Internship Program Andrew Farkas Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration 38,671.00 2015 National Summer Transportation Institute Asamoah Nkwanta, Cleo Hughes-Darden, William Lupton Subaward between Association of American Colleges and Universities/Leona M. And Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust 124,916.00 Morgan Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES) Cleo Hughes-Darden Subagreement between Howard University NSF 96,827.00 LSAMP- Washington Baltimore Hampton Roads Alliance ( Senior Level Alliance) Connie McDonald-Cooper U.S. Department of Education 417,234.00 Upward Bound Program Conrad Williams ASFOR 170,066.00 Nanocrstyalline Iron-Cobalt Alloys for Hugh Saturation Indutance Eugene DeLoatch MOU-Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, WBCM, LLC 20,000.00 Architecture Student Internship Program Gerald Whitaker SGT, Inc- Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies 22,000.00 GSFC System Review Support Guoyong Wen NASA 59,474.00 Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science James Wachira NASA 10,000.00 Dynamics and Chemical Properties of the Ribosomal Catalystic Center Kadir Aslan Small Business Technology Transfer Prog Subaward Agreement between Juxatopia & MSU-DHHS/NIH/National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences 89,843.00 Phase III- Development of ICrystal System for Rapid Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules Kadir Aslan Subagreement between JHU/Army Research Lab 132,600.00 Characterization of Polymer and Composite Materials Kelton Clark Subcontract Agreement between University of Baltimore 4,500.00 Sturm Research Kelton Clark Dominion Foundation 50,000.00 Blue Crab Studies in the Calvert County Crab Survey Kelton Clark DOC/NOAA 74,921.00 Plankton and Nutrient Studies for the Chesapeake Bay Kenneth Bacote Towson University- The Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention Center 1,000.00 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse Kevin Kornegay, Kofi Nyarko, Michel Reece, Willie Thompson, Jumoke Ladeji-Osias NSF 999,450.00 RISE: Embe