4th quarter newsletter - Page 20

Dr. Victor McCrary Vice President, Research & Economic Development Phone: 443-885-4631 Dr. Mildred Huff Ofosu Dr. Timothy Akers Email: Assistant Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Victor.McCrary@morgan.edu Research Administration Research & Innovation Advocacy Phone: 443-885-4505 Email: Mildred.Ofosu@morgan.edu Dr. Edet E. Isuk Director of Research Compliance Phone: 443-885-4340 Email: Edet.Isuk@morgan.edu Ms. Envia Malone Assistant to the Assistant Vice President Sponsored Programs & Research Phone: 443-885-4044 Email: Envia.Malone@morgan.edu Ms. Julianita Alexander Budget Officer Phone: 443-885-3606 Email: Julianita.Alexander@morgan.edu Ms. Sharon John Effort Reporting Manager Phone: 443-885-4697 Email: Sharon.John@morgan.edu Morgan State University Division of Research and Economic Development Office of Sponsored Programs 1700 E. Cold Spring Lane Montebello 302-D Baltimore, MD 21251 Ms. Ashlee Kirkland Assistant to DRED Vice President Phone: 443-885-4630 Email: Ashlee.Kirkland@morgan.edu Mr. Gerald Whitaker Director of Defense & Space Programs Phone: 443-885-4239 Gerald.whitaker@morgan.edu Phone: 443-885-4158 Email: tim.akers@morgan.edu Ms. Kim Williams Grant Writer Phone: 443-885-4404 Email: kim.williams@morgan.edu Mr. Marvin J. Perry Research Development Associate Phone: 443-885-3749 Email: Marvin.Perry@morgan.edu Mr. Daniel Laughlin GESTAR Program Manager Email: daniel.d.laughlin@nasa.gov Ms. Ailing Zhang Grants Specialist Phone: 443-885-4118 Email: Ailing.Zhang@morgan.edu Ms. Keyshawn Moncrieffe Financial Analyst/GESTAR Phone: 443-885-3309 Email: Keyshawn.Moncrieffe@morgan.edu Ms. Donna Cotton Interim Contract Administrator Phone: 443-885-3988 Email: Donna.Cotton@morgan.edu Ms. Rhonda Billingslea Contract Administrator Phone: 443-885-4390 Email: Rhonda.Billingslea@morgan.edu ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Division of Research & Economic Development 1700 E. Cold Spring Lane, Montebello Complex, 302D Baltimore, Maryland 21251, Phone: 443-885-3447, Fax: 443-885-8280 20