4guys Sept 2016 issue #1 - Page 5

Best Galaxy Note 7 Tips GADGETS SET UP For those who buy the Note 7 to replace another Android device, they can transfer all of their old accounts, apps, photos and contacts. Plug the USB Connector included in the Note 7 box set to the new Galaxy and then use a standard Micro USB to USB cable to connect it to the old phone. The Smart Switch option will pop up. Tap it and select Receive, then Allow. CUSTOMIZE HOME SCREEN Tap and hold on a space to pick wallpapers, widgets, and themes. Touch and drag an app icon to move it around, or drop it on top of another app icon to create a folder. Resize content on the screen through Settings > Display > Content scaling, or remove icon frames via Settings > Display > Icon frames. ALWAYS ON DISPLAY The ‘Always On Display’ feature shows the time, date, battery life, and missed messages or calls. Turn it on in Settings > Display > Always On Display. Tap Layouts to choose the content, its look and even when to show the info to save life battery. Users can do it manually or schedule them in Settings > Cloud, and Accounts >Backup and reset > Auto restart. PHOTOS Use voice control to take pictures with the Note 7 by tapping the cog icon in the camera app and scrolling down to turn on Voice control. Once activated, they can say Smile, Cheese, Capture, or Shoot to take a photo and Record Video to start recording a video. 4GUYS.CA SECURE PERSONAL INFO Look for Secure Folder to hide files, photos, and even emails. Tap the Add option to choose apps and from then on all info created in those apps can only be accessed via Secure Folder. Protect entrance to Secure Folder through Settings > Lock screen and Security > Secure Folder > Lock type. Choose between the fingerprint or iris scanner, pattern, PIN, or password to unlock the folder. Their users can also hide Secure Folder. To bring it back, go to Settings > Lock screen and Security > Secure Folder. S PEN FEATURES Glance is one of them, and it’s found in the Air command menu. Open any app, tap Glance and it will appear at the bottom of the screen as a minimized window. Glimpse over it with the S Pen and take a quick look at the contents in full screen. Tap the Magnify option in the Air command menu and any spot users hover over with the S Pen will be magnified. The menu also offers Translate. Tap it and whenever users hover over a word it will translate to the chosen language. The translation will pop above the word. 5