4guys Sept 2016 issue #1 - Page 4

EDITORS LETTER WHEN WE STARTED DOING THIS MAGAZINE I WAS... working at a dead end job making snadwhiches at Subway. i hated i! As my recent employer came to me with an idea to design this magazine, I was more than happy! i coudlnt wait to take my skills as a graphic designer and apply them to this magazine. I hope you enjoy the articles in this magazine as we worked very hard to come with great content with this issue! I cannot wait to show you more next month! With our 90 page magazine October Issue, it will be big with lots of info on the gay community. I grew up in Thunder Bay, ON a smaller town with not lots to offer. When I was 18 years old i moved to Toronto to study a career in design, but as I got out there in the world for the first time, I discovered the gay community and it acceptance which led me to come out when I came home from the summer. Once I started school, I faced many obstacles with let me to the life I live today of working as a Graphic Designer and co-owner of Style Wise Canada. I cannot wait to show you more of what is to come! Stay Tuned on what will happn next! DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH US? HIRING WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, MODELS AND SALES SEND RESUME TO HIRING@4GUYS.CA 4 4GUYS.CA