4guys Sept 2016 issue #1 - Page 32

Is this the future of Air Travel? TRAVEL KLM has released a concept image for it’s futuristic blended-wing aeroplane, the AHEAD, and you might be using it to fly non-stop to Sydney. The Dutch airline has teamed up with Delft University of Technology to produce concept designs – and they could herald the future of aviation. The innovative, fuel efficient design means the planes would have a huge range – nearly 9,000 miles, or non-stop from London to Sydney. The AHEAD aircraft, which stands for Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development, is being designed to carry 300 passengers over a range of 8,700 miles. A key feature will be the two hybrid engines which burn two different fuels for a far greener and more energy efficient flight than current turbine engines. KLM engineer Rob Duivis says: “A blended wing body is one of the very promising designs to minimise the drag a [[XZ[Z\ܘY]X[ܙHY[ YYXY[ 'HH[\ۙH]\X[[\HۛXYH[H]\[]XY\\][HH\[YKH\[&]HۛHZ\[HX[]ZXY[H^[\][ۈو^\K\\\Z\ܘY ]XY]H][YH\Y[HZ]Hۘ\Z\L XY\]H]]H]\[H\X\ۜ[ܛ\ٙ\H]]H]H]8&\\Y\\[Hܛ ̂BBVTːB