4guys Sept 2016 issue #1 - Page 11

SEATTLE WHERE TO GO The Cuff Complex More Muscle/Masculine men hang out in this complex for a variety of fun events, dancing and strong pours. Earlier in the evening the crowd is a bit older and tougher; it gets younger and twinkier as the night goes on.1111 Rue 1533 13th Ave (Pine) Seattle, WA 98122 cuffcomplex.com (206) 323-1525 Neighbors Popular 18+ dance club with attached martini lounge Friendly, energetic, eclectic and mixed crowd of people who love to dance. 1509 Broadway (Pike (enter through alley on Pike)) Seattle, WA 98122 neighboursnightclub.com (206) 324-5358 R Place Multi-level club space with an attractive stand-and-model crowd. Great music and crowd filled with hot homos, girls with their gay boyfriends, and every mix of groups of friends under the sun. Prepare to get a little h \\œXH]ܛY NHH[H [ۈ]K [\ۈ[ۊJBX]KHN LX\X]KB H ̌N X]HXYBX]x&\ܚY[[X]\\XXX]\X[X\X\X[]]YHXZH\H]ܚ]H܈H\[X[^H]HYH[HوY\[\\ˌM YBMHZH Y[JBX]KHN LX]YXYKB H KMNLBVTːBBBBBLB