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IN CONTEXT Technical support and construction oversight The NGO Build Change gives homeowners technical support for safe reconstruction and rehabilitation after disasters, in partnership with development actors and government agencies providing reconstruction grants to homeowners. Homeowners are in charge of aesthetics, home layout and functional features. This way, homeowners are able to use their reconstruction grants to suit their needs while Build Change ensures the home design and construction is safe. To give homeowners incentive to build safely, the grant must pay a large portion of construction costs. If only 30 percent of the money required to build a home is tied to Build Change’s inspection process, the owner may forgo the grant and spend their own money on other design features. Similarly, the organisation has found that the last grant instalment must be more than 15 percent of the total grant. Otherwise, the homeowner may revert to cheaper construction techniques for the roof and undermine the safety of the building during high winds and earthquakes. SECTION III: CONSTRUCTION During reconstruction, Build Change deploys an engineer from their local team to oversee key steps in construction. This includes design finalisation, laying the foundations, building key structural components and attaching the roof. After Build Change engineers approve each step, the homeowner is given another instalment of the reconstruction grant. If the construction is of poor quality, the engineer gives options to rectify the mistake but does not provide the next grant instalment until the mistake is fixed. A local construction worker preparing the steel reinforcement prior to the pouring of concrete for a new school. Photo: Arup. 80