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SECTION III: CONSTRUCTION Community mobilisation, planning and design are important steps for producing safer school buildings. But when floodwaters rise, earthquakes shake or high winds blow, the physical construction matters most. Without quality workmanship and materials, the work of the previous stages is undermined. Good design, when poorly implemented, leaves schools highly vulnerable under normal circumstances, and especially vulnerable when hazards strike. To achieve good design and good construction, those doing the construction need to understand the design and implement it correctly using good quality materials. Effective construction management, drawings and specifications, adequate financing and availability of skilled tradespersons, and construction monitoring are important to achieve safe, quality construction. Government agencies provide: • Construction inspection • Funds Community construction key activities: • Construction monitoring and site supervision • Building local capacity • Practising and communicating safety In a community-based approach, construction must be carefully paired with an investment in training and a transparent process of oversight. Without these aspects, a community-based approach can quickly devolve into community-based unsafe school construction. Community-based safe school construction must also be a transparent process. School management committees and community stakeholders should receive communication – through signage, public hearings and other communication mechanisms – about the status of the project and the steps to reach completion. Local community provides: • Construction workers • Community monitors • Community labour School management committee Commitment to safer schools Implementing organisation (e.g. NGO, CBO, local authority) provides: During the Community Construction Stage safer schools are achieved by putting a construction monitoring and site supervision process in place, building local capacity, and practising and communicating safety. The program manager facilitates training and ensures construction quality through independent monitoring. School management committees may also be involved in construction and monitoring. • Program manager to facilitate process • Construction monitoring to ensure quality • Community training • Funds Local stakeholders SECTION III: CONSTRUCTION The Community Construction Stage 74