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Goals of the framework • Protect learners and education workers from death, injury and harm in schools. • Plan for educational continuity in the face of all expected hazards and threats. • Safeguard education sector investments. Policie r o t c e sa S n n o d ti • Safe site selection • Building codes • Performance standards • Disaster resilient design ag an l, su m a on at i on A l ig n e d t • Builder training • Construction supervision • Quality control • Remodelling • Building • Structural safety • Retrofit maintenance education • Non-structural • Construction as mitigation educational opportunity • Fire safety • Assessment & Planning • Formal curriculum • Physical & Environmental Protection integrations & infusion • Response Skills & Provisions • Teacher training & staff development • Household disaster plan Pillar 2. School Pillar 3. • Family Disaster Management reunification Risk Reduction and plan Resilience Education • Representative/participatory • School SDM committee • Consensus-based key messages drills • Educational continuity plan • Extracurricular & community-based • Standard operating procedures informal education • Contingency planning em Pillar 1. Safe Learning Facilities ent p la ns s an Pl Ed uc a • Strengthen risk reduction and resilience through education. Comprehensive school safety is impossible without a safe physical structure. In countries with robust building codes and established regulatory systems, safe schools are possible by enforcing existing standards.11 In areas with weak or non-existent systems, greater community-based oversight and capacity building is necessary. Regardless of context, school construction provides an opportunity to increase community awareness of hazards and engage people in disaster risk reduction. SECTION I: INTRODUCTION Comprehensive School Safety Framework bn at i o a s i n al a n d lo cal d s te r 14