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SECTION I: INTRODUCTION A commitment to safer school buildings The Comprehensive School Safety Framework, adopted by United Nations agencies and development actors globally, aims to: • Protect learners and education workers from death, injury and harm in schools. • Plan for educational continuity in the face of all expected hazards and threats. • Safeguard education sector investments. • Strengthen risk reduction and resilience through education. The framework places specific responsibility on those responsible for the construction, repair and retrofitting of school buildings. These responsibilities stem from two of the fundamental rights of children, and complement sustainable development goals of providing safe and positive learning environments for all. 1. Every child has the right to safety and survival. • Every new school building should be planned, designed and constructed to minimum standards of life safety. • Every existing school strengthened, renovated, remodelled, refurbished or modernised should be brought up to the life safety standard. • Every school designated as a shelter for emergencies and disasters should meet the higher standard of operational continuity. 2. Every child has the right to access education. • Every school building should be constructed to protect a child’s access to education from hazards. • Every school should be maintained to protect education sector investments from hazards. 11