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SECTION I: INTRODUCTION 8 10 9 4 5 6 11 7 9. India While schools in remote and rural areas may follow government design templates, construction is typically informal and community-based. The government and key NGOs have spearheaded a massive push to build safer schools through seismic resistant school design templates, better engineering education, and improved construction practice. 11. Indonesia In 1999, Indonesia responded to their complex geography and significant exposure to hazards by decentralising their governance. The MoE gave block grants to school management committees to build, repair and manage scho ols. Over the last five years, the government has allocated extra funding for improving school-building safety. 10. Nepal Through close collaboration with national and international NGOs, Nepal has been assessing the hazard safety of their school buildings in an effort to retrofit or rebuild all dilapidated buildings before 2020. To finance retrofits, the government usually relies on building community demand for safer schools. 10