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Finance Advantages Potential limitations Proven to be cost-effective in comparison to contractual systems where contractor overheads, profit and bank guarantees can increase costs by more than 15 percent.11,15 Localised financial control may limit the capacity for redistribution of financial resources across communities.13 School construction funds benefit local economies.14 SECTION I: INTRODUCTION Advantages and potential limitations of community-based safe school construction Where communities lack training in financial management, it is important to provide training before construction starts. Can mobilise additional resources for education by enhancing community commitment to a local school.16 Equity Sharing power between communities and government agencies or development actors can ensure community needs and preferences are addressed. Decentralised and community-based strategies may increase inequity between communities, as each will rely more heavily on uneven levels local knowledge and resources.13 Promotes shared responsibility. Can shift responsibilities to local people with limited capacity or other priorities. Can increase community awareness of their rights to information and decision-making power. Quality Sustainability Can exacerbate pre-existing inequities in social divisions, including ethic, gender-based or religious divisions.16 Can improve the visual quality of construction in comparison to school buildings constructed by external contractors.17 When local craftspeople lack adequate knowledge of hazard-resistant design and construction techniques, school construction may replicate the vulnerabilities found in local private sector construction. Tends to increase community ownership through wider community involvement in its implementation.11 When initiated by non-government actors, government accountability to citizens can be undermined. Can infuse enhanced construction practices into communities – skills that may transfer to residential and other construction.14 Without clearly defined responsibilities for operation and maintenance, school buildings can deteriorate. Helps ensure strategies are accepted and appropriate for community. When not properly supported, the process can burden community with learning skills, like construction management and procurement that may have limited transferability. 6