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Country and hazard overview The Indian subcontinent presses into the Eurasian tectonic plate in the north, causing India – along with other nations in the region – to experience many small and a few devastating earthquakes in the last century. After witnessing the pattern of earthquakes and other natural hazards that resulted in a series of abrupt but predictable disasters, SEEDS began working with communities, technical universities and government authorities in 1994. They helped communities retrofit unsafe schools and adopted strategies for reducing losses from future crises, using schools as a catalyst for community-wide change. CASE STUDY Leveraging for comprehensive school safety Country: India Organisation: SEEDS, Nayang Technical University, Ministries of Education and Public Works, Temasek Foundation Creating a culture of safety Hazards: Earthquakes, flash floods, landslides Summary: This project was created to sensitise In a retrofit pilot project spanning the three Indian provinces of Himachal, Gujarat and Assam, the NGO SEEDS used the retrofitted schools as focal points to organise the community around comprehensive school safety. They especially focused on Pillar 2 – school disaster management. Each state is in a moderate to high seismic risk zone and has a history of disasters. communities in earthquake-prone regions of India by engaging the community, partnering with the local government, training engineers and masons, and providing necessary retrofits to schools. Although the number of retrofitted schools was low, SEEDS spent more than a year in each community in an effort to change the culture as well as increase the safety of the school building. Newly trained local masons retrofitted schools while engineers provide BfW'6vBGW&rFR&6W72ࠤ$ࠤ4drࠤ5@WrFVƆ&&6VFVffV7FfVǒ'VB6VG'W֖4TTE2V@&62&VFF2B662F7&VFRv&VW72&W@6&VV6fR666fWGFW6R&VFF2vW&RV6W76'&W"&Vf&R&WG&fGFr'WBvW&R6V6W76'f"WrFR666VG( 2&R666fWGWfVgFW"FR&WG&fBv26WFRFR666VGvVB&R&W76&Rf"W&FrBFrFP&WG&fGFVB'VFrW&f&֖r7G'V7GW&֗FvF@&VwV&ǒ6GV7Fr66F67FW"vVVB7FfFW2ख6V7FvF6G&rBFW"&Ɨ6F7FfFW2F26RgFVF6F24TTE2WV7FV@FR66&WG&fBBFR66F67FW"vVV@7FfFW2vFFR666VFW2F6W'fR26Vf"&Fr7VGW&Rb&WfVFB&W&VFW72FR66VGࠤFD67WGFՔࠤV&&b&Vv&v&P6VG&fG'V4Fv&&4T5D5B45E%T5DࠣFR&WG&fBb6626F2'Bb'&FW 6&VV6fR666fWG&6gFW"&WG&fGFp&&Fv&26WFRFR66BvFW"6VGVvvR6G&FFW7BFV"&W&VFW72F4TTE2ࠤFGP&&v栠D