4 Ways to Clear Paper Jam on Lexmark Printer

4 Ways to Clear Paper Jam on Lexmark Printer No matter what brand of printer you’re using, the paper jam is not a rare issue. Sooner or later, it’s experienced by every printer user, and Lexmark printer is not an exception. If your printer starts showing the error code that notifies about the jammed paper, it’s time to troubleshoot your printer to determine which one is causing the problems and finish your print jobs with no hassles. For a stress-free solution for the paper jam issue, you can also call on the Lexmark printer tech support phone number. You can continue with these steps to clear the paper jam. Step-by-Step Directions to Remove the Jammed Paper on Lexmark Printer Step 1 - Power your Lexmark printer off and on to make sure if it can clear some of the jammed paper automatically. Sometimes, you see an error code on the front screen of your printer indicating the specific area where the paper gets jammed. At such time, you can check the Lexmark printer’s manual for the step-by-step directions to remove the jammed paper in the identified area of your printer.