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About us

The idea of this project is to create natural hair products with natural things that are going to help improve all types of hair without damaging them by using chemicals and helping animals and environment by not testing our products in animals . This treatments are also to repair damaged hairs and recover the natural beauty of their hair. I decided to do my project about natural hair products because i think there are many natural things that we can easily achieve, that on the contrary those chemicals that we put in our hair besides being expensive, they mistreat and destroy our hair completely every day. They take away vitality and life of our hair. On the other hand, these 100% natural products contain the necessary vitamins to improve the hair completely, and restore its shine, vitality and vitamins that are lost over the years with so many chemicals that we apply to our hair. Also these products unlike to the chemicals that we use daily and in expensive treatments, they will never harm your hair since they all have the best proteins for it and they are all natural nutrients that our hair needs. This brings back the total beauty to our hair, leaves it much healthier and repairs or fix damaged hair because to dyes, chemicals, etc.