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Gk: Organic hair products is a project to avoid chemicals in our hairs. The idea is to decrease the application of chemicals in our hair as these mistreat our scalp and the environment a lot. Chemicals actually affect a lot to the environment because these chemicals can be passed into air, water or floor. This happens while they are applied, removed, or when they are manufactured. The worst thing is that many of the effects are not visible so we do not realize the damage we do to the environment. The impact that these chemicals have on the environment depends on the amount of chemicals released. Also, this does a lot of damage since this chemicals can enter the food chain and contaminate you inside, and the most worrying thing is that we can not even notice when this happens. The idea is to make hair treatments with natural things. The natural things Gk is going to be using for the different kinds of products are: olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, eggs, apple vinegar, yogurt, avocado, lemon, honey and fruits among others. All this natural things are really good and healthy for the hair, because they nourish our hair, and they give it shine, strength and live, without destroying our hair with chemicals products. Each thing has a different and similar functions to make our hair stronger and healthy. For example the oils repair damaged hair, also it helps hair growth, it also gives softness and shine. Eggs are really good for hair too because they provide shiness, promote hair growth, improves hair elasticity. Apple vinegar is really good to cure dandruff. Yogurt and avocado helps to calm frizz, yogurt balances the pH levels of your scalp by regulating sebum production and controls hair fall, avocados contain Vitamins B and E, and this vitamins are essential for hair growth and it moisturizes hair a lot, it helps dry hairs and it gives elasticity and brightness. Lemon is used to blonder hairs, without ruining it with chemicals and in a natural way and it gives a lot of shine too. Fruits are great for hair because with the lot of vitamins and proteins they contain, they put the hair healthier. The best fruit for hair is bananas because of their vitamins, A, B, C.