4 SKETCH Gk organic hair products - Page 16

Solutions by third parties


Lush is a brand that is animal cruelty free. It makes handmade products with natural ingredients like fruits and oils. It is a vegan and vegetarian line and it is all handmade. They are really good for the environment because they use natural ingredients only, they don't use chemicals. They make face masks, hair products, shower stuff, perfumes, makeup, etc. Lush is main known because of their fight against animal cruelty free line. Lush instead of testing their products with animals, they tested with persons. This is their policy and their main point is to stop animal cruelty.

Alter Ego Italy

Alter Ego Italy is a hair product brand that is all made by natural products. It is really good for hair because all this natural treatments help hair to get healthy. Also they help the environment because they don’t use chemicals in their products and this makes them really helpful for the environment and for the people. Their products for repairing damaged hair also clean and releases the hair in a natural way and they help to fix it. The dyes are also really good because they don't have ammonia, and that is helpful too because the ammonia is a really bad chemical that destroys our hairs and most of the dyes have it.


Arbonne is a company that is 100% vegan, they made products for the hair, skincare, makeup and more. This is all organic with natural ingredients and the most important is that they are cruelty free. Arbonne have never tested their products on animals and also they help the environment because all of their products are 100% organic. This is really good for skin and health because it is all natural- made and this means we don't need to worry about our skin our hair getting damaged because of chemicals.