4 Corners September 2018 4 Corners Sept 2018 Revised

4 Corners A Publication of Lauderdale County Schools Volume VI Issue II September 2018 LCSD Brings Awareness to Important Issues Fall is best recognized for it’s warm colors, slightly cooler weather, football and tail- gating. However, for the Lauderdale County School District, the season also brings our students more opportunities for increased awareness regarding important issues. October is “Bullying Awareness Month.” The Lauderdale County School District is committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to learn in a safe environ- ment. In order to increase awareness of this important issue, several things will be happening this month and throughout the year. First, informational flyers will be sent home at the end of each week with information concerning the impacts of bullying, prevention, and intervention we hope you find helpful. Secondly, teachers and admin- istrators will complete an intensive training course on bullying that covers such issues as bullying defined, the forms of bullying, risk and protective factors, mental and aca- demic well-being implications for students, and best practices in bullying prevention and response. Third, since we believe addressing this issue is an on-going process, we are working to schedule additional events throughout the year for both teachers and Dr. John-Mark Cain, Superintendent students. Look for more information to come. October is also the month we have set aside to focus on ACT and ACT WorkKeys. The Lauderdale County School District is com- mitted to ensuring all students exit our district prepared for college and career. In that effort, we have partnered with Meridian Com- munity College to offer all juniors and seniors the opportunity to take the ACT at a reduced cost of $25, and all ninth and tenth grad- ers the opportunity to take ACT preparatory assessments. These assessments assist teachers and administrators in identifying areas where additional instruction is needed to ensure all students have the foundational skills required for future ACT success. In addi- tion, realizing the importance of economic development and producing a prepared workforce, MCC is working with our district to offer the ACT WorkKeys to all High School Seniors on October 23, 2018, at no cost. Successful completion of WorkKeys (Silver and above) earns the student the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (WorkKeysNCRC®), a credential that verifies work ready skills across industries and occupations. Thank you to Meridian Community College for their partnership in providing our students with these valuable opportunities. Finally, October is the month set aside to bring awareness to dyslexia. Dyslexia is a neurological condition often characterized by difficulties in fluent word recognition, decoding, and spelling. These difficulties can in turn effect reading comprehension and im- pede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge. Our district is fortunate to have four certified dyslexia therapists serve each community. Although our therapy focus is in elementary school, these therapists help teachers and leaders to establish action plans and appropriate interventions for identified students. In addition, our therapists are always available to assist parents as needed with resources to help their child at home. In fact, a parent workshop has been planned for October 16 to introduce a new resource avail- able for students. Great things are happening in the Lauderdale County School District. It is a privilege to serve with you in providing the best educa- tional experience for all students. Respectfully, Dr. John-Mark Cain, Superintendent Lauderdale County School District