4 Corners May 2017

4 Corners A Publication of Lauderdale County Schools Volume IV Issue 10 May 2017 LCSD Focus on Real-Life Issues In recent weeks it has become more apparent than ever that students today face problems that previous generations could have never imagined. Emotional and mental health disorders, socialization and adjustment problems, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual abuse, and suicide are only a few of the multi- tude of problems our young people are forced to face. Dr. Lee Lee Marlow from Weems Mental Health recently spoke to a group of administrators in our district. Her message was clear. Randy Hodges, Superintendent Parents, schools, and community must share in the responsibility of helping students cope with these difFicult real life situations. Lauderdale County School District is outstanding, but it does not exempt us from the reality of the world we live in. No longer can we make excuses for students, but rather we must equip them with the necessary skills and resources to face these tough issues and make in- formed choices. In the coming year, Lauderdale County School District will continue to make preparing our students for the real world a top priority. In dealing with difFicult is- sues, I will rely heavily on the experts, such as our mental health professionals and law en- forcement, for the needed resources. We also are well aware that teachers, administra- tors, counselors, and coaches have a tremendous impact in the lives of students. Through our words and actions, we communicate to our young people what be believe. As we move forward, I challenge each of you to continue to work on building relationships with the stu- dents you serve. It is through trusting relationships that we are able to help students when problems arise.