4 Corners August 2017 4 Corners August 2017

4 Corners A Publication of Lauderdale County Schools Volume V Issue 1 August 2017 LCSD ~ Safe Schools, Healthy Students It is hard to believe we have been in school almost a month. The 2017-2018 school year could not have had a better start. I want to take this opportunity to thank our teachers, administrators, and all support staff across the district for your hard work in making this back to school Randy Hodges, Superintendent such a success. When you walk on a school campus, you immediately get a feel for the climate and culture of the school. I could not be more pleased with what I see. Lauderdale County School District is fortunate to have a qual- ity teacher in every classroom, excellent administrators who strive daily to ensure the success of our students, and a strong, committed support staff. Again, thank you for the job you do. Safety is always the top priority for any school district. To follow up with my open- ing of school comments, I want to remind everyone of my commitment to ensuring we as educators do our part to teach students’ safe and healthy habits and behaviors in all aspects of life. Our focus as a district continues to be on the whole child. We want to ensure we equip all students with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges be- yond the school walls. Our Safe Schools, Healthy Students campaign will do just that. Principals, in collaboration with counselors and/or school leadership teams, were asked to develop a plan of action to show how we are addressing such issues as bully- ing, texting and driving, suicide prevention, safe dating, responsible use of social media, character ed, etc. In addition to school-level events, we are also planning some district- wide activities for students throughout the year. Working together we can equip stu- dents with the skills to make responsible decisions when faced with difOicult situations.