3rd Eye Watch July Edition 3rd Eye Watch July Edition

J U L Y 2 0 1 4 E D I T I O N 3rd EYEWatch WELCOME Independence Feeling the release of emotions that hinder us from being free and expressing free will is the ultimate freedom. Many walk through life projecting to be at peace with issues that keeps us from being unable to express love and compassion for another. Living in judgement of ourselves helps the notion that all things must be judged and separated on a system of division. When we pray for change we ask God to help manifest change in his divine order. When we see another that does not quite fit in a particular model or mode of our thinking, we quickly term them as bad or not good. Instead of placing them in a system of derogatory default, it would appear to be best to ask God to aid in understanding that in which appears as a challenge to you. From that point, true independence is achieved. You have now accessed clarity in replace of judgment and to rid the self of restricting emotions that kills you spiritual freedom and independence. z Welcome To Your Soul Guide z Soul Guide?... Everyone should have one. In fact, it s imperative that we all have a map to guide us along our experiences. Well, with 3rd Eye Watch, there s no more need to go through great lengths to find a compass for life s age old problems. Hidden and suppressed in our own past impressions of life is our awakening. During that awakening phase we birth to ourselves a person, place, or thing that reminds us when it s time to rise. 3rd Eye Watch is just that thing--your personal alarm clock and we re glad to remind you it s time to rise and shine! Inside This Edition: Always & Forever? A Look At Why Most Couples Cheat Building Stable Relationships We Gotta Wake Up First! Mirror, Mirror On The Wall And Much More